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Spy Kids 3D is a Natural for Lenticular Imaging

(October 2003) posted on Wed Oct 15, 2003 produced package of graphics for national campaign

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Dr. Tom Saville of of Fresno, CA, earned a Ph3D from
FlipSigns for his company's outstanding achievement in lenticular
imaging. The winning project was a three-dimensional-looking poster that

Big 3D produced for the national launch of the Spy Kids 3D movie.

Big 3D specializes in lenticular imaging and uses a combination of
conventional litho presses and laser photo imagers to produce everything

from lenticular postcards and large displays from the same source file.

This poster was produced in three versions: litho reflective, litho
backlit, and a photographic backlit. The posters proved so popular that
some disappeared from theatres and turned up for auction on eBay.