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Stay Sharp with Cutters and Routers

(June 2014) posted on Wed Jun 18, 2014

More than 50 sources of cutters, cutting systems, routers, and trimmers.

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The 5- x 10-ft Colex Sharpcut Digital Flatbed Cutter features a fixed knife, oscillating knife and router, a triple, interchangeable tool head for cutting and routing, and more. A semi-automatic board feeder and a digital roll holder are optional. The company is also the exclusive North American distributor of Fotoba cutters (see Fotoba listing).

Colter & Peterson
The 45-in. Saber X15 cutter is a heavy-duty precision paper cutter that offers a max. cutting depth of 45 in., automatic knife adjustment, a new hydraulic system, Microcut 15-in. touchscreen controls, and more. The X15 is available in 37-, 54-, and 62-in. sizes; the Saber XXL is available in sizes up to 126-in. Colter & Peterson also offers the Prism line of cutters.

Computerized Cutters
The Accu-Cut XPS router offers 5-HP Perske spindles, steel frames, automatic tool-height calibration, and a dual motor-driven gantry. The machine can cut aluminum, plastics, wood, and more, and deliver accuracy within +/- .001-in. Cutting speed up to 700 in./min. Other Accu-Cut routers are available.

CR Onsrud
Offers a line of CNC routers, including its Tech series and Pro series, both featuring moving-gantry-type machines. The Tech router is available in a table size of 5 x 12 ft and the Pro is available in table sizes from 5 x 12 to 35 ft. Onsrud also produces inverted routers.

Crest Dutch Machinery
The RSC 3200 Ci Roll Sheet Cutter is a 126-in. wide X-Y cutter. Developed for cutting textiles (slitting and cross cutting), the cutter can also handle other media including paper, foil, PVC, and polyester. It can be operated in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode. A skew function for alignment adjustment is standard; an optional hot-cutting system is available. The cutter is also available in 60- and 93.5-in. models.

The Accu II High Speed is an automatic cutter featuring a max. web width of 32 in., a max. material thickness of 40 mils, a flush cutting accuracy of +/- .005 in., and a dual air cylinder. A stand is included.