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Stay Sharp with Cutters and Routers

(June 2014) posted on Wed Jun 18, 2014

More than 50 sources of cutters, cutting systems, routers, and trimmers.

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Dahle North America
Dahle offers a series of Large Format Cutters. The Premium Series Large Format Guillotine cutters are table-mounted with a metal base; they feature a metal safety guard with pre-printed guides, an automatic clamp, and a spring system that prevents the blade from falling. In 32- and 43-in. cutting lengths. A stand is included. Dahle also offers a range of rolling trimmers.

Digital Art Solutions
SmartCutter Pro Series 24-in. vinyl cutters features the AAS II Accu-Alignment System for contour cutting, digital servo motors, a fully adjustable media-handling system, 600 grams of cutting force, and a max. media thickness of 0.8mm.

Digital Graphic Systems
The Samurai V-Cut II is the company’s fourth generation of digital flatbed cutters. Features include: a heavy-duty cutting head with independent tool motion servo motors (six motors total), new vacuum table system and design; automatic tool-depth sensor; and more. Max. cutting area is 63 in.; max. cutting thickness is 2.3 in.; max. cutting diameter is ¼-in.; max. motion speed is 1000 mm/sec. A Kase-Vision camera-registration system is optional. Also available: the Samurai GP 3400 and V-Cut, as well as the Tornado II CNC router.

Eastsign International
Its series of three trimmers, available in 48-, 60-, and 96-in. widths, are suitable for flexible media such as vinyl, paper, and banners less than 2mm thick. A stand is included with all models. Also the Aristo CNC Cutter line.

The new Kongsberg V cutting table is available in specific configurations for sign/display and for packaging. Both models feature: insert-knife tools for a range of media/substrates; bar-coded inserts to allow for quick and error-free tool exchanges; a rack-and-pinion drive system; table mapping; and more. In two sizes: approximately 66 x 50 and 66 x 120 in.

The Kongsberg C64 works with 126 x 126-in. substrates and can accommodate substrates from paper and textiles to corrugated, fluted board, plastics, aluminum composites, and more. Also: the Kongsberg C60 model, which accommodates 126 x 63-in. sizes. And, the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated is designed for short-run production on various materials with a 31.5 x 43.3-in. work area. Other Kongsberg cutting tables include the XL/i-XL and the XP/i-XP/XP Auto models (in three work-area sizes: 66 x 56, 66 x 126, and 87 x 126 in.).