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Stay Sharp with Cutters and Routers

(June 2014) posted on Wed Jun 18, 2014

More than 50 sources of cutters, cutting systems, routers, and trimmers.

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The ProCut 40 and ProCut 63 are substrate and board cutters that can cut materials up to 0.5-in. thick and 40- and 63-in. long, respectively; both feature an open-ended design for oversize cutting, power-grip cutting head, and embedded grip strips to prevent material from moving while cutting. GBC also offers a series of Triumph-branded automatic and semi-automatic programmable cutters (up to 18-7/8-in. trim width), programmable automatic cutters (up to 25.5 in.), and programmable hydraulic cutters (up to 28-in. trim width).

GCC America
Offers various cutting plotters, including the Expert Pro, which features 24- and 52-in. cutting widths (up to 0.8mm thick), a 400-g cutting force, and a cutting speed of 24 in./sec. Other cutting plotters include: the Expert 24LX and the Expert 24, both with 24-in. cutting width (up to 0.8mm thick), and 250-g cutting force; and the Jaguar, Puma, Bengal, Sable, and RX series models. Laser cutting systems also available.

Gerber Scientific Products
Gerber’s Sabre Routers are available in two table sizes: 54 x 71.5 and 54 x 121 in. (approximately 54 x 54- and 54 x 101-in. cutting areas, respectively). Designed for dimensional sign making, woodworking, and parts-fabrication applications, the Sabre Routers feature aluminum construction, multi-size platforms, z-axis depth control, a T-vac slotted vacuum table, a material-hold and chip-removal system, and more. The company’s M Series flatbed cutter features a T3 modular cutting head with automatic tool recognition, an M vision optical-registration system, and a light beam security system; available in 95 x 77- and 103 x 148-in. table sizes (66 x 46- and 75 x 120-in. cutting areas, respectively).

Graphics One
The GO CutsIt Rotary Trimmer can be used with various media and is available in sizes from 38 to 78 in. Features self-sharpening blade, two clamp rollers, and double steel tube cutting suspension guide. Stand and waste catcher included.

Graphtec America
Its FC8000 series cutting plotter features a max. cutting speed of 58.5 in./sec, 4.0g max. acceleration, and 20 to 600g selectable cutting forces; it can process self-adhesive vinyl as well as high-intensity reflective film, sandblast resist rubber, automotive window and paint-protection films, and other media types. In five sizes, from 30 to 72 in. (media widths). Also available: the CE6000 series (15-, 24-, and 48-in. versions).