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Stock Imagery: Winds of Change

(July 2010) posted on Fri Jul 16, 2010

Image providers are helping users create more effective messages.

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By Kacey King

What are you seeing when it comes to image-search engines?
Getty Images: Relevance. It is important that our search enables the buyer to locate the right image as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, our site functionality enables the buyer to search by price point, by popularity, by uniqueness. It also features granular search functionality, which enables the buyer to drill down through a broad search via specific requirements, including camera angle, model types, locations, etc., as well as holistic searching, since not everyone searches the same way.

Stacking, which keeps similar content from a production or trip together in an easily searchable way, is also important, as well as a transparent search tree, which helps in customizing the search experience for different users. Additionally, keyword weighting, which gives greater relevance to the most important keywords to ensure relevant searches, is very important.

Corbis: We have created an RM simplified buying experience, reducing online buying to three clicks from nine. Since we’ve re-launched it, we’ve had a 34-percent increase in people buying quick licenses.

Additionally, we have re-launched our shopping cart experience. Five to 10 years ago we had to teach people how to use shopping cart. Now that people are familiar with the shopping cart, we made it very similar to the shopping cart for most products online and added small pieces that would help from a creative point of view.

Fotolia: Fotolia offers a variety of business and creative solutions for our buyers, ranging from the first-to-market image plug-ins for Microsoft Office, to various API and non-API options. The Fotolia ribbon is free to download and provides instant access to our collection of over 9 million images. Users can download the royalty-free photo or HD video they need without having to leave their Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

Fotolia also offers customized sub-accounts where design teams can share or assign image downloads, track images, and implement multi-level billing. They also have the capability of integrating Fotolia collections into their own intranet site for easy and trackable image access.