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Substrates for Flugtag

(February 2011) posted on Thu Feb 03, 2011

Australian print provider uses 3A Composites and ConVerd substrates to build flying machine.

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German for “flying day,” the celebrated Flugtag event sponsored by Red Bull encourages average, untrained people to test their ability to fly. Even though the human-powered flying machines rarely achieve a height of more than a few feet from the 30-foot deck, daredevils everywhere continue to take the risk. Australian wide-format supplies distributor Starleaton Digital Solutions  opted to utilize media and tools it was already familiar with in constructing its three-winged flying machine for the 2010 Sydney event: 3A Composites Gatorfoam for the airframe and wing cross sections and ConVerd Enviroboard MR for the fuselage; Morane laminating film was used to skin both wings and fuselage. All components were designed using AutoCAD software and then CNC-cut on a MultiCam system. Alas, the Starleaton plane suffered a glitch at take-off and plunged directly into Sydney Harbor. Despite the mishap, Starleaton is determined to give it another go next year.

Starleaton Digital Solutions