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Success and Sustainability

(March 2012) posted on Wed Mar 14, 2012

Five print providers who have plotted out a green course.

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By Paula Yoho

“We’ve got a whole bunch of different print technology at our disposal, including some old solvent and some pigment-based aqueous, but all of the newest technology we use is HP Latex, the L26500,” says Turbull. “It’s clean for our production environment because there’s no off-gassing. There’s also no off-gassing once the graphics are installed in stores, restaurants, and museums, and that’s critical to many of our customers.

“We’re also printing on recycled and recyclable materials as often as possible – such as ‘bamboo’ papers and fabrics, and rigid boards such as Neschen/Seal Eco Board, SGP Substrates EcoPlast, Neschen Enviroboard [aka Converd Board by Converd], and Boise Hexacomb Falconboard. Also, there are new magnetic products such as VisualMagnetics’ system made from recycled soda bottles, and the Drytac Ferro magnet-compatible paper, which allows for rollable, lightweight, and easy-to-install graphics change-outs. And our waste here is recycled as well. On the client side, when the graphics come down from an install, they also can go into the recycle bin.”

By Roach’s measure, diving head-long into sustainable printing has given the company a competitive edge.

“Our competition might be able to sell something a little bit cheaper, but it’s not as environmentally friendly so we can at times get a little bit more for what we’re doing simply because it’s more environmentally conscious,” Roach says. “It’s given us an advantage to be thought of a little bit differently than just a printing company. We’re thought of as kind of a leader in the green aspect and the technology aspect – so we get a premium when we print something.”

DIY design: The Wide Format Company
“Green” is big business for The Wide Format Company, a Bellevue, Washington-area provider of large-format display graphics. Last year, the company launched an interactive website – – entirely dedicated to sustainable wide-format printing.