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Success with Dynamic Signage

(April 2013) posted on Mon Mar 25, 2013

Opportunities await those willing to commit.

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By Mike Antoniak

By his definition, those possibilities entail more than what typically comes to mind. Art Digital can provide flat panels, interactive displays, and touchscreens – but its brand of digital signage also taps the latest digital projection technologies for motion-sensitive mirrors; interactive storefronts; and screens precisely aligned so the content moves with those passing by. The company even offers a mobile digital billboard, with content displayed on the windows of a fully wrapped bus.

“When we first started out, we were just putting a rectangular screen in stores,” recalls Bright. “The way I pitch it now is hanging a monitor on a wall just doesn’t look good on its own, it’s just another form of media. We can combine the other things we can do with printing and installation to create a unique environment.”

Although awareness has grown, most clients still want easy answers, and that plays to his strengths, he says: “To be successful, you have to bring to the table a value-added solution, educate them about their options, what digital signage can do for them, provide content and service, and be the one to implement it all,” he says.

“If you’re in the sign or graphics business, and you want to be a player, you have to realize that you must get into this game while there’s still time.”

Going the subscription route
“There’s only so much you can say in print, or with video,” says Stephanie Boisfontaine, managing partner at Crystal Vision ( in New Orleans. “But when you can combine the two, it completes the story.”

Her company’s story itself is a bit about both worlds. Crystal Vision began as a new venture for large-format specialists Crystal Clear Imaging. In 2006, the company launched an electronic digital signage division in recognition of its potential as a future service. But as New Orleans recovered from Hurricane Katrina, demand for print services soared. The company’s principals had to decide whether to invest in growing a new business, or focus on their proven expertise as large-format specialists.

As an Internet entrepreneur and sister to one of Crystal Clear Imaging’s founding partners, Boisfontaine was approached about running the new digital signage division. Ultimately, she acquired the company with Louis Chott, the attorney who helped her evaluate the business and its prospects.