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Success with Dynamic Signage

(April 2013) posted on Mon Mar 25, 2013

Opportunities await those willing to commit.

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By Mike Antoniak

“Crystal Clear Imaging remains our marketing partner,” she says. It’s a symbiotic relationship. The graphics company sends customers to Crystal Vision for digital signage, or advertising spots on the systems it has placed throughout the city. Crystal Vision, in turn, refers its clients back to the print company for the collateral Boisfontaine believes enhances the impact of digital signage.

“When you can wrap something with vinyl graphics then put a screen on top of that, it enlivens the whole space, and that screen becomes much more of a focal point,” she explains. “Everyone is familiar with how to use print, and people who are visual tend to get the benefits of combining the two,” she says. “In most cases, you have to present them examples before they see how it can work for them.”

Before conversations get that far, she sometimes needs to address basic misconceptions. “People are more aware of dynamic signage today, but they don’t think they can afford it. They think it’s too complex or they don’t know where to start,” Boisfontaine explains.

Once she acquired the company, she surveyed early adopters to see what worked, what didn’t, and what they would like in digital signage solutions. While responses were as varied as businesses and settings, some consensus emerged: They wanted systems that could be easily installed and managed, and affordable.

That insight influenced her business model. To offer a breadth of options, she allied the company with electronics distributor Ingram Micro for hardware, and Scala for content-delivery solutions.
While Crystal Vision does sell components, its emphasis is on fully integrated solutions that are sold on a subscription basis. “We found subscription to be a much easier way to market digital signage because it makes it easier for a business owner to get started,” she says.

The company offers several customizable packages. Its CV-TV is marketed as an affordable, integrated system of screen, player, and management system for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. Crystal Vision Elite offers a more extensive range of options, including multi-zone interactive screens.