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Sun Chemical and Durst Develop Thermoforming Ink

(May 2008) posted on Fri May 30, 2008

Durst Rho TH inkset designed for Rho 700, 800, and Rho 600 Pictor printers.

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SunJet, a division of Sun Chemical, has developed SunJet T-Form- a UV-curable ink for printing onto thermo-formable media such as styrene and acrylic.

The Durst Rho TH inkset, the Durst version of the SunJet T-form ink, is designed especially for use with Durst Rho 700, 800, and Rho 600 Pictor printers, and gives these machines the flexibility to image onto ABS, polystyrene, acrylic, thermoformable PVC, and other plastic materials commonly used in thermoforming displays and functional equipment. Its use with highly challenging molds with 90? edges and more than 4-in. depth have shown good results on a wide variety of thermoplastics with no cracks, SunJet reports.

This opens up new opportunities for print providers, says Durst, including coordination of traditional advertising and P-O-S displays with molded and formed displays. Additionally, new markets-such as customized sports and protective equipment including biking helmets-are available with the introduction of this new ink.

The Rho TH inkset will be available in Q4 2008.