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Sustainability: The Ultimate ROI?

(September 2017) posted on Wed Aug 30, 2017

How renewable business practices can make your shop more profitable.

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By Joe Holt

Sustainability. In 2017, that term most likely elicits one of several responses. Perhaps it’s a sense of pride as it relates to your business, processes, and employees. Or, maybe it’s apprehension at the perceived associated costs of “going green,” not to mention time and energy spent converting your facility and systems. It may even be outright confusion, because these days, how does one even know what sustainability entails? Wherever you may fall on that spectrum, at some point, the question of whether or not sustainability is worth the investment and hassle has probably crossed your mind.

Some businesses go green because they believe it’s the right thing to do: for their employees, their community, or the planet. Some do it because, as the nation continues its shift toward greater utilization of renewables each year, more and more clients are interested in, or required to work with, sustainable service providers. And some do it because they want to turn more of a profit.

Wait. What’s that now? Businesses can make the switch to sustainability and see an increase in profit? It’s absolutely possible. By making smart choices and thinking more in the long term, businesses across the country have proven a return on initial investment and profit growth.

According to findings from the 2016 Sustainability Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group, of more than 3000 respondents surveyed, about one third say sustainability-related actions and decisions have increased profits. However, in organizations that made more wide-ranging, sustainability-related business model changes, that percentage jumps to 60 percent.

From switching out solvents and ramping up recycling efforts to adjusting artwork for optimal orientation and updating overhead lighting, with a little ingenuity and the willingness to look at your business through “green-colored glasses,” you’ll find efficiencies and opportunities are all around.

‘There’s No Magic “Green” Bullet’
In Orange County, California, Foothill Ranch is home to notable companies like Oakley, Cox Communications, and Nike, plus Image Options, a marketing communications company specializing in all aspects of retail and corporate marketing efforts from design through engineering, production, and delivery. And, they’re certified as a member of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP).