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Sustainability: The Ultimate ROI?

(September 2017) posted on Wed Aug 30, 2017

How renewable business practices can make your shop more profitable.

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By Joe Holt

Yet, even though they’re sticklers on sorting, the city and county are great sources for information and programs on recycling, renewables, and sustainability, according to Krinsky. “Seattle City Light, our public energy utility, teamed up with the city to offer free LED bulbs to businesses looking to become more efficient. We took advantage of the program to switch out our old incandescents, and now we’re saving 30 percent on our electric bills on average. It’s definitely worth looking into in your own area.”

Stella also has a number of ways in which they’re reducing waste, saving money, and looking out for the planet. Like the other SGP-certified shops, they conduct regular staff training and education; recycle acrylics, wood, and other production materials; and use hand dryers in their bathrooms – and kitchen. “You know how it is,” describes Krinsky. “You wash a plate, or wash your hands, and you reach for a paper towel. That’s a lot of waste people don’t always think about going into the landfill.”

There are many great ideas out there on reducing waste and adding to your profits, says Krinsky; you just have to be willing to look, and maybe ask for some help.

A Modernistic Approach
Modernistic, located in idyllic Stillwater, Minnesota, is a national supplier of décor, displays, graphics, and industrial OEM products. After nearly 80 years in service, this third-generation family-owned business is experiencing firsthand the savings behind “saving the planet.” They’re also the only print shop in the world to receive an SGIA Sustainability Recognition Award eight years in a row.

A Modernistic digital cutting operator removes styrene waste from the shop’s Zünd bed for recycling. A styrene recycling Gaylord located near his operating station reduces extra steps while maximizing recycling potential.

“We don’t want to just meet requirements,” says DeAnn Strenke, marketing manager at Modernistic. “We work hard to exceed our own expectations and distinguish ourselves as a leader in sustainable business practices.”