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Taking the Fine-Art Plunge

(May 2013) posted on Fri May 03, 2013

Four companies embracing fine art and artists.

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By Adrienne Palmer

When the shop came across an artist who didn’t want to reproduce her artwork, they offered metallic media. “She didn’t want to loose the iridescent quality of the paint, but she was thrilled with the results we gave her with the metallic canvas,” says Baglaneas Eves. “We see the printing process as an extension of the artistic process for our fine artists and photographers, so the more innovative and creative we are in the printing process and able to master the media available, the more options our clients have to bring their vision and creativity to the printing process.”

Beyond image capture and output, Cape Ann Giclée also provides prepress services, Photoshop and color-management services, varnishing and stretching of canvas prints, and mounting. In addition, the shop also archives files for artists. “Not only does this preserve the image, but allows us to ‘print on demand’ for our clients,” says Baglaneas Eves. “They let us know when a customer has purchased a print from them and we print it out for them – that way, they don’t have to carry a lot of costly inventory. We give them a CD or file of their work, as well, which has different sizes for the Web.”

“We also have a gallery space in our studio where we display and make available for sale the work of artists and photographers who print with us,” says Baglaneas Eves. “These are also our print studio samples. We think it makes more sense for potential clients to see samples of actual live jobs rather than some ‘’ images we downloaded and printed.”

Plus, the shop provides gallery shows for its customers: “We keep our costs reasonable for them by charging printing costs and a 15-percent gallery commission as opposed to a traditional gallery, where the commission is anywhere form 35 to 60 percent,” she says. Cape Ann Giclée is currently in the process of creating an e-commerce shopping cart for its website where its printing services will be available online and its artists’ works will be for sale.

“We have found that for artists and photographers, the biggest challenge they face is marketing their work and also the logistics of delivering the final product. If we help them in those areas, they sell more and we print more – and we have a loyal customer,” says Baglaneas Eves.