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Taking the Fine-Art Plunge

(May 2013) posted on Fri May 03, 2013

Four companies embracing fine art and artists.

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By Adrienne Palmer

DNA 11’s Fingerprint Portraits and Kiss Portraits utilize much of the same bio and print technology and processes. And, there’s now a new side of the business: Canvas Pop and Canvas Pop Ltd.

“We decided to expand our market share by doing something with Canvas Pop, which is more in the photo-reproduction/mobile photography business,” says Salamunovic. Canvas Pop Ltd. works with digital artists and mobile photographers to print smart-phone and digital-camera photos.
Salamunovic says instead of imitate, innovate: “Innovation is key,” he says. “We were the first company to introduce Instagram printing in large format, so rather than being everything to everyone, we decided to focus on Instagram very early on with a simple process, and we got a lot of exposure and press from that.”

Working with low-resolution images and figuring out how to make them look great in large format is what Salamunovic finds to be the biggest challenge, but it’s what has helped the company move from DNA art to smartphone photo reproduction. “The image output [with DNA art] is very low resolution and we had to find creative ways to work around that. It was that background working with low-res images that allowed us to make such a clean transition into mobile photography with Canvas Pop.”

At the end of the day, says Salamunovic, “printing is printing, no matter what printer you use. “What is going to differentiate you is your customer service, and for us that’s absolutely critical,” he says. “We want to impress the customer on day one, meaning when they hit our website, and we want to impress them when they open the box [of DNA Art] – the rest of it takes care of itself.”

Black Cat Studio: Exceeding expectations
After decades as a freelance photographer, Jay Daniel decided to incorporate his own company in 2004: Black Cat Studio (, offering photography and print services to artists, collectors, galleries, estates, dealers, and publishers. He recently relocated the two-person shop to a 1500-square-foot building in Novato, California.

“Our services provide everything an artist needs to market themselves, and provide other products (like prints and cards) utilizing their artwork,” says Daniel. “We deal with people, not companies. We take walk-in business and, at this point, do not have a sales department.”