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Teckwin Unveils TeckThunder and TechStorm

(January 2008) posted on Fri Jan 11, 2008

New rollfed and flatbed printers.

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Teckwin’s latest printers are the hybrid TeckThunder and TeckStorm. Both of the CMYK+W UV-curable printers feature six-level grayscale Xaar XJ760 printheads for CMYK printing with 7- to 40-pl drops producing legible type as small as 3 pt, and two Xaar XJ500/40UV heads for imaging with white ink.

The printhead carriage is supported by twin rails that ensure accurate alignment and movement to maximize print quality. Bundled with a Teckwin Edition Caldera RIP, these printers offer a dual UV-lamp system equipped with shutters to regulate lamp temperatures and protect sensitive media from distortion. In addition, the 1440-dpi apparent (720-dpi addressable) resolution printers feature an ink-warming system, 2-l ink tanks, low-level ink sensors, and a de-gassing system to remove bubbles from the bulk-ink system to decrease clogged nozzles and increase dot-placement accuracy.

The 65-in. TeckThunder is primarily a rollfed printer that accommodates flexible and rigid media up to 0.59-in. thick. Applications include P-O-P, flexible banners and signage, posters, backlit displays, exhibition graphics, and rigid-board applications. Equipped with a pinch roller and under-table fan, the Thunder reaches top speeds of 168 sq ft/hr in 4-pass Production mode and Quality-mode (8-pass) speeds of 86 sq ft/hr.

The 96 x 49-in. TeckStorm flatbed accommodates media up to 1.96-in. thick and features an eight-zone vacuum bed and sub-surface registration pins for edge-to-edge printing. With ink agitators and a vibrating system to keep the white ink from settling, this machine also offers a negative-pressure system to ensure a stable vacuum pressure to the ink supply.

Speeds on the TeckStorm reach 198 sq ft/hr in 4-pass Production mode and 101 sq ft/hr in 8-pass Quality mode. Common applications include P-O-P, flexible board, signage, posters, backlit displays, exhibition graphics, and more.