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The Benefits of Customer Profiling

(September 2011) posted on Wed Sep 07, 2011

Catering to specific clients.

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By Jared Smith, president of bluemedia

Not all buyers are the same. Our own shop’s clients vary greatly. So greatly, in fact, that it’s worth taking a look to see just where these differences come into play – in order to see how they should be sold to, what they should be sold, what they should be charged, and how their expectations should be handled.

Of course, it’s no secret that knowing your customer is an advantage. It’s similar to the advantage you gain by knowing who you’re playing against in poker. Knowing the particular style, the habits, and the tendencies of your opponent in poker can make a huge difference. If you find yourself in a situation where your experience playing against this opponent gives you insight on what their next move might be, you can capitalize on this by altering your play.

The same strategy holds true when it comes to knowing your client and/or client type. Yes, I’m talking about stereotyping or profiling. Let’s take a look at four different types of customers who purchase vehicle wraps – entrepreneurs, very large clients, motorsport clients, and service fleets – and discuss insights that might help you with each type.

The entrepreneur
Most of you should be able to relate to this type of customer. At bluemedia, we find that these customers feel the purchase is more personal, because they will be paying for the wrap “out of their own pocket.” They may be very cost conscious, especially if they are a start up or they’re buying this wrap with their last marketing dollar.

But make sure you don’t confuse this buyer with the entrepreneur who is wildly successful with low overhead, high revenues, and great profitability. How do you find out? Very simple -- what type of vehicle are you wrapping for them? An H1 that matches their boat? Or a 1999 Chevy Express van that currently has door magnets? Is this their only vehicle, or do they have eight others previously wrapped?