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The Bottom Line

(December 2010) posted on Tue Dec 07, 2010

Floor graphics remain a popular option for catching the attention of consumers.

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By Britney Grimmelsman

When walking into a retail establishment, consumers have come to expect the instant bombardment of visual displays pleading for their attention. The result? They’re now often immune to the many shock-and-awe attempts at point-of-purchase marketing.

In a vigorous effort to catch the over-stimulated eye of the consumer, marketers and print providers are more and more turning their attention to an entirely different space in an effort to get their message across: the floor. And, for many, it’s paying off.

Take the US Postal Service, for example. To draw the attention of patrons to its “automated teller” service, the Postal Service was utilizing isolated stands and wall signage. To their surprise, however the standard graphics went widely unnoticed. Only 12 percent of customers noticed the messaging, research showed, and overall awareness of the automated teller was less than 30 percent.

So the Postal Service took to the floor for its promotional messaging, utilizing a floor-graphics system from Rose Displays. The results were impressive: Attention to the graphics increased by more than 18 percent and awareness to the automated teller increased by nearly 30 percent. The floor graphics also aided in pointing consumers to the automated kiosks, acting as directional support. And, they fit the behavior of passersby – when glancing at their mail in their hands, many customers simultaneously looked down at the floor, allowing the floor graphics to grab their attention.

Granted, the Rose Displays FloorWindo system is a bit different from what most people think of when referencing floor graphics (more on this later), but the message is clear: As a marketing vehicle, floor graphics can make a difference in the noticeability and, hence, the effectiveness of a client’s message.

Choosing options for the floor
Seeing this same uptick in floor graphics interest, manufacturers of floor-graphics components – the media, adhesives, and laminates – have endeavored to create materials that are more durable, more scuff-resistant, and more easily removable, to mention just a few traits. We spoke with a variety of producers of floor-graphic materials and systems to get their take on the current trends in the floor-graphics market, and what their current offerings were.