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The Bottom Line

(December 2010) posted on Tue Dec 07, 2010

Floor graphics remain a popular option for catching the attention of consumers.

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By Britney Grimmelsman

Meanwhile, Rose Displays offers the aforementioned FloorWindo, an easily changeable system designed for retail environments. The system comprises a skid-resistant, adhesive-free frame that graphics slide into; the frame’s “window” is made from PETG and is scratch-resistant; it’s available in four sizes. ADA-compliant and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, the FloorWindo also passes ASTM safety standards. “We like to call it a cost-efficient signage billboard on the floor,” says Ann Seamonds, communications consultant for Rose Displays.

The great outdoors
You may not necessarily think of outdoor when it comes to traditional floor graphics, but it’s a growing niche within the segment. In fact, says Tom Reid with Catalina Graphics, “Outdoors is where the new action is.”

To get in on this action, manufacturers are developing products to be more long lasting, able to endure heavier traffic, and more able to survive harsh weather conditions. Typically, outdoor floor graphics have much tougher adhesion requirements because of the unfinished, textured nature of the surfaces. Also, outdoor graphic durability is significantly shorter than indoor durability because of weather concerns.

Avery’s MPI 6121 Street Graphics is a 1.8-mil non-PVC, cellulose film that allows graphics to be applied to rough surfaces such as concrete, sidewalks, and even brick for up to six months. It features micro-fracture technology that enables the film to conform to very rough surfaces like cement and pavement by conforming to them.

Imagin StreetRap, MacTac’s outdoor floor-graphic system, is specifically designed to resist typical weather conditions including hot sun and rain, with no extra steps or techniques are needed to help the product work. To enforce the bond to rougher surfaces such as concrete, permanent adhesives are utilized. StreetRap offers an outdoor durability of approximately three months with an indoor durability of approximately two years.

To develop short-term and medium-term application outdoor floor graphics, Aslan combined its digitally printable Aslan DFP 46 film with the Aslan MP 326. The composite film can be adhered to smooth or rough outdoor surfaces, roads, car parks, or paths. The DFP 46 digital printing film is compatible with all major solvent, eco-mild-solvent and UV-curable inks and must be used in combination with Aslan MP 326 laminating film. As well as protecting the print from abrasion and soiling, MP 326 has an embossed anti-slip texture; the laminate also offers flatness making it possible to be machine-cleaned and resistant to scratching and wear.