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The Cure for Media Madness

(September 2012) posted on Thu Aug 30, 2012

Nearly 150 sources of vinyl, paper, films, and self-adhesives.

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Today, just about anything can be printed upon. But, as cool as printing on “media” like water might be, doing so doesn’t necessarily result in the most useful marketing medium. Despite the rapid advancements in technology, the classic rollfed media options still tend to be king. And to be a truly successful print shop, you had better have quite the inventory of such media to back up your array of print equipment.

Recognizing the importance of offering a vast selection of media, however, is only half the battle. It’s also important to understand what media is best suited to your client’s needs. Even the simplest request to print a banner on vinyl can turn into a complex odyssey to find the best vinyl for that particular project. With hundreds of suppliers offering thousands of options, choosing media can be a seemingly maddening process.

To help you conquer “media madness,” we’ve compiled a roster of manufacturers and private-label distributors of the most commonly used media in wide-format: rollfed vinyl, paper, films, and self-adhesives. Note that we’ve only listed primary producers, manufacturers, and converters of media for the wide-format inkjet market; we have not listed distributors/dealers who are only selling another company’s branded media. And, this list does not include specialty media (see October issue) or rigid media (see August issue).

Advantage Distribution
Advantage branded vinyl, eco-friendly banner media, and paper.

Advantage Sign Supply
Optima Opti-Jet vinyl, paper, and banner media for aqueous; Opti-Solve for solvent printers.

AdventureCam Photo
Proof Line paper, vinyl, and films, including self-adhesives and banner media.

Synaps OM waterproof, eco-friendly synthetic paper for UV printing (as well as screen, flexo, and offset). Also: Synaps AP/AR pressure-sensitive self-adhesive media for UV printing.

Chantaffiche coated papers for banners and billboards.

Alameda Supplies
Alameda wide-format inkjet paper, banner, and film.

American Permalight
Permalight Photoluminescent vinyl and polyester printable films.

Arkwright Advanced Coating
Paper, film, and vinyl for aqueous, solvent, latex, and UV-curable printers.

Cast films, calendered films, window films, and banner material. Its DPF 45WF is a one-way-vision, digital-print pressure-sensitive calendered film; the 6-mil white, perforated, black-back film offers a removable pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Aslan Schwarz
PVC, films, and self-adhesives for aqueous, solvent/mild-solvent, latex, and UV-curable inks.