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The Fine Art of Success

(April 2008) posted on Wed Apr 09, 2008

Exploring the potential profits in fine-art printmaking.

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By Clare Baker

Eager to self-print even more of her work, Muslin recently purchased an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 after moving from New York to a bigger space in Pennsylvania. This machine will allow Muslin to print up to 24 inches wide, but bigger work will still have to be outsourced, a bit to Muslin's regret. 'I would have gotten the 44-inch 9800 if I had room for it-I’d like to be able to print everything myself.' Muslin's media of choice to use with the 7800 is LexJet's Sunset Select Matte Canvas, the same canvas that the print provider at Brooklyn Editions used to produce her artwork.

The photographer's dilemma

For some artists and photographers, the benefits of outsourcing the printing of their artwork still outweigh the benefits of doing it in house. That's the current stance of photographer Chip Simons ( His lifelong interest in photography, his formal education on the subject at the University of New Mexico, and his self-teaching have taken him from working in New York and Paris back to New Mexico, where he currently creates his unique, surreal, and sometimes bizarre imagery. His images, often marked by fish-eye lens use, unusual lighting, and an air of irreverence, include such collections as 'I Am a Dog,' a series of dog portraits; 'Monsters and Things,' a somewhat dark collection of people wearing animal and monster masks; and the bluntly titled 'Pictures for Art Directors Who Think I May Be Too Weird to Hire.'