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The Hard Stuff

(August 2012) posted on Wed Aug 01, 2012

Nearly 50 sources of rigid media for direct printing.

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Its e-panel is an aluminum composite material (ACM) made of two pre-painted sheets of 0.008-in. aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Masked on both sides, it’s suitable for direct digital print, and can be saw cut, routed, or punched. In 2-, 3-, and 4-mm and in sheets up to 5 x 10 ft.

Sintra is a lightweight, rigid, expanded PVC board with a low-gloss, matte finish. It’s available in a thicknesses from 1 to 6 mm and in various colors and sheet sizes. Also available is e-pvc, a low-density, lighter, less-rigid PVC board.

Gatorfoam, polystyrene foam between Luxcell wood-fiber veneer liners, is available for direct printing in sheets up to 60 x 120 in. and 3/16- to 2-in. thick. Also offered is Gatorplast, a 3/16- to 1/2-in. thick extruded polystyrene foam core laminated on both sides with high-impact polystyrene. Gatorfoam Exterior is specifically engineered to address the extreme conditions found outdoors: heat, cold, and humidity; it’s now available in Bright White in 48 x 96-in. sheets in 1-, 1.5-, and 2-in. thicknesses.

Fome-Cor, a foam-centered board with clay-coated paper liners, is available in stock sheets up to 60 x 96 and 48 x 120 in. It can be digitally printed directly using water-based, solvent, or UV-curable inks. Polystyrene-based JetMount board has a higher density, is more rigid, and is specifically designed for direct printing and mounting of digital images. Foam-X Recovery, a polystyrene foamboard with clay-coated paper liners, is a recovery board that retains its shape (producing an open edge) when die cut. Available in 3/16-in. thickness and up to 48 x 96-in sheets.

Tricel Corp.
Tricel Honeycomb’s Tripanel Display and Graphics Board is a kraft paper product fabricated to form a continuous series of triangular cells, similar in appearance to the cross section view of corrugated board. It uses up to 85% recycled paper content and is 100% recyclable. Compatible with most inks, Tricel reports, the substrate can be cut with a knife, band saw, or power saw. Available in four standard thicknesses (0.5-, 0.75-, 1, and 1.5 in.) and in custom thicknesses up to 4 in. Standard sheet size is 4 x 8 ft (custom sizes available).