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The Incredibly Important Install Bay

(May 2013) posted on Fri May 03, 2013

Tips on how to make an efficient install area.

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By Jared Smith

In addition, a sound system in the bay plays music of the installer's choice to help generate a productive high-energy vibe. The installers respect that future clients might be taking a tour of the plant and they keep the volume under control. While some might question the professionalism of this type of sound system, I’ve always sided with the installers here. There’s nothing wrong with some good tunes combined with hard work.

Improving on perfection
Finally, consider these notes on some of our install-bay specifics:

• Since the temperature reaches well over 110 degrees for days in a row in the Phoenix deserts, our bays are air-conditioned, allowing us to avoid direct sunlight, wind, dirt, and the occasional rain drop. It also keeps our installers from over heating or getting crisp sunburns, and makes for a better vinyl install. (For you northerners, I’m sure a heated bay comes in handy for many of the same reasons.)

• We have well defined bay “lanes” that allow flexibility for vehicles to come and go without interfering with other vehicles. These defined lanes help establish the typical position of vehicles without too much thinking or asking of opinions during the workday. Establishing where longer vehicles go, where quick turn jobs should take place, and where removals should happen can all add some efficiencies to getting more done in one day.

• We have created an area where we store many types of ladders, rolling scaffolding, and other equipment like steamers and weed burners to bring up the temperature of the vinyl. But having a separate area for this equipment allows us to keep it out of the way when it’s not in use.

• Like many of you, we have a wish list of tools and equipment we’d like to bring in-house as budget permits. One particular piece of equipment we’ve had our eyes on: a lift, because this seems like it would aid the installers when working on bumpers and other times that require work done by lying down (and punishing knees).

It’s fair to say that by no means do we have a “perfect” install bay – I’m sure there will always be room to make it even better. (In fact, please e-mail me any suggestions you might have, to But you’re well on your way if you treat your installers and your install bay with much respect; provide what’s needed to produce good wrap work and you’ll be rewarded.