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The On-Demand Option

(January 2011) posted on Tue Dec 13, 2011

High-speed presses for direct-marketing output.

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Screen USA
Screen USA’s Truepress Jet520 is a 4-color (CMYK), variable-data, continuous-feed, single-pass printer that produces images up to 20.4-in. wide and a maximum print speed of 420 ft/minute; it can hit a resolution of 720 x 720 dpi. The Jet520 can accommodate inkjet paper, standard paper, and uncoated paper, and its applications include direct mail, product manuals, publications, invoices, and much more. It can switch between printing full-web, single-sided to half-web duplex. This press comes with a rewinder/unwinder, and users can connect the Truepress to a variety of inline post-processing equipment.

The TruePress Jet520ZZ single-pass, continuous-feed system is specifically designed for high-speed variable-data work. Its top speed of 720 ft/min is matched up with a high resolution of 360 x 720 dpi. The Jet520ZZ prints on rolls of inkjet paper, standard paper, uncoated paper, and coated stock up to 22.4-in. wide. It’s equipped with an Equios workflow RIP; a JD-520 external drying unit is optional.

Also available is the TruePress Jet520EX-Color, an entry-level machine with compact footprint.

The Xeikon 8000, which utilizes dry-toner electrophotography technology, boasts 1200-dpi image quality, a top speed of 63 ft/min, and the ability to accommodate media up to 20.2-in. wide (image width of 19.8 in.). Capable of handling paper, paper board, synthetic media, and more, the Xeikon 8000 also features double-sided printing capabilities and a Xeikon X-800 digital front end. Options include an unwinder, jumbo unwinder, and a stacker.

The Xeikon 6000 offers media compatibility with substrates from 40 to 350 gsm, four print speeds up to 160 pages/min. The printer is able to print on media up to 20-in. wide, offers 1200-dpi resolution, and two inline densitometers.

The Xeikon 5000plus can hit speeds up to 160 ppm and handle print speeds up to 20-in. wide; top resolution is 1200 dpi.


The iGen4 from Xerox can handle sheet sizes up to 14.33 x 22.5 in., and a broad range of substrates. It offers a top speed of 110 pages/min and a top resolution of 600 x 4800 dpi (one-bit). Features include: an in-line spectrophotometer and advanced color profiling; auto density control (to detect and eliminate density variations); high definition linearization (eliminates the need for grayscale calibration); and up to six input feeder modules with two trays each for a capacity of 30,000 sheets. User can choose among a Xerox FreeFlow Print Server, Creo CX Print Server, or Xerox EX Color Server powered by EFI Fiery. Options include roll input, inserter, inline finishing, and various variable-information solutions.

The iGen4 EXP press, introduced in 2010, builds on the iGen4, and offers sheet sizes up to 14.33 x 26 in.; an automated Web-to-Finish solution (including software and finishing options to streamline workflow); a Multigraf stacker; and integration with Adobe PDF Print Engine (for quick and reliable printing of Adobe PDF files). Also available is optional Matte Dry Ink, for high-end photo applications.

The DocuColor 8080 can hit 80 pages/min and resolutions of 2400 dpi (1-bit). Features include: auto-duplexing, low-gloss toner, Automated Color Quality Suite, and customized Productivity Packs (including VI on the Fly for personalization). Three digital front ends are available along with various finishing options.