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The Other Shop Software

(January 2010) posted on Wed Jan 27, 2010

Tools for business and print management

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SignUp is a RIP-independent nesting application designed to efficiently match graphic designs with the available substrate. It nests jobs based on size, shape, and ordered quantities, placing designs as tightly as possible onto the substrate, minimizing waste and production costs. SignUp can accept jobs from a variety of design and publishing applications; the program delivers a PDF file to the selected printer or press, and can simultaneously send finishing instructions to any selected machine as well (such as a cutting table). Also available is SignUp Auto, an automatic nesting solution designed for companies that wish to more completely operate their workflows. It offers the ability to understand and process XML and JDF files as prepress input; nesting and tiling; and complete workflow automation.

Estimator Corporation
Estimator is a print-estimating and management software designed for wide-format operations as well as other digital and commercial presses. Standard reports are: Estimate, Job Ticket, Internal Detailed Costs and Profit, Paper and Services POs, Workflow Production Scheduling Job Locator, and Invoice and Shipping Labels. Also available are: Networking Custom Report Writer, ODBC (to connect to other existing management tools), Data Mining with detailed queries, and Web applications for remote access and job estimates.

Franklin Estimating Systems
DataManager offers real-time tracking of job time, cost, material, and labor, as well as employee and sales tracking and management. Estimator generates detailed estimates, job tickets, invoices, and corresponding reports.
Accounting adds accounts receivable and payable, sales and purchase orders, inventory, and payroll functions.

InView centers around a contact manager featuring in-depth searching capabilities, Internet links, and multiple viewing modes. The software can also create, print, and store invoices, estimates, and job and budget reports. In addition, InView features accounting, scheduling, and correspondence functions.

The Inca Print Run Controller (PRC)
software module, designed to run on a variety of Inca machines, lets users automate the scheduling and collation of versioned jobs in addition to reducing operator error and post-print collation requirements. PRC also can assist in the production of orders incorporating different sizes or languages. The software can cut job changeover times with its ability to RIP once/output once or RIP once/output several times. Job scheduling can be managed in the studio before entering the shop. It is also fully compliant with PPML 2.10.