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The Other Shop Software

(January 2010) posted on Wed Jan 27, 2010

Tools for business and print management

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Pivotal Z
Prestige Scheduler graphically tracks each job through to its completion and warns about inventory shortages in advance. The program can stand alone or connect with other production-order and shop-floor systems and can be used in monitor mode or as a Web browser. Changes can be made to the offline design board, allowing users to add new jobs or adjust the schedule without taking the active board down.

Polkadots Software
Track-it time- and job-management software features time management of jobs in production; management of production resources; cumulative-time reporting; automatic creation of job data; and more.

Press-Sense Manager is a print-management system designed for print-on-demand shops as well as small, commercial printers. It merges front-end CRM capabilities with back-end billing and integrates offline business procedures with Web-based front- and back-end systems. It offers complete handling of on-demand workflow—from job entry, estimating, and quoting to ordering, file management, printing, and delivery. iWay is a Web-based, end-to-end, print-on-demand workflow and management solution; key features include enabling users to link media files with other job data; allowing employees to enter and access customer information and manage tasks and follow-ups; automatically adjusting to existing pricing models; improving billing capabilities; and monitoring online communication with customers. Omnium is a comprehensive business-flow tool that automates the customer service, sales, planning, production, shop operation, delivery, ordering, and billing processes.

Print MIS
E Pro Enterprise, a flexible, print-management solution, is designed with a wide spectrum of commercial, digital, and litho print providers in mind. E Pro comprises several modules, including estimating, job production, purchase orders, stock control, scheduling, delivery notes, invoicing, accounts, stock fulfillment, customer and supplier service, CRM, direct-mail marketing, and management reports.

Printable Technologies
FusionPro is a Web-services solution that automates online ordering, production, fulfillment, and more for print providers and their end users. The Product Suite provides a range of services, including job submission and tracking; development of customizable storefronts and template design; variable data publishing (VDP); mailing list management; automated data management; inventory control; and integration with production workflow.

Printer’s Software
Printer’s Software offers eight print-management solutions designed for commercial and in-plant printers of various sizes that can stand alone or be fully integrated in any combination. Available modules include: Estimate, Job Control, Schedule, Shopnet (allows users to capture production data in real time), Accounting, Inventory/POs, eCommerce, and Finished Goods.