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The Right Finishing Tool for the Job

(February 2007) posted on Mon Feb 05, 2007

Specialty equipment to keep those projects moving out the door.

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By Peggy Middendorf


Dust devil

Once prints have been laminated, dust or particulate matter won’t harm the print. If that dust or dirt is on the print as it’s laminated, however, then it’s there forever. Removing that dust before lamination is an important step.

The Dust Removal System (DRS) from SDI does just that-and very simply. The system comprises a roller and a pad. The roller has a tacky polymer coating that lifts particulates from the printed graphic; the tacky pad is coated with a specially formulated adhesive that will not transfer onto the roller, but will cling to the dirt and dust coming off the roller. Pass the roller over the print, clean the roller by passing over the pad, and repeat as necessary.

SDI offers several versions of the Dust Removal System: a high-tack Blue model for use on rigid, thicker substrates; a medium-tack Red for artwork and glass; and a medium-tack general purpose Light Blue model for thin and delicate substrates.


Sharp shears

For cutting flexibility on the shop floor, nothing beats sharp scissors. Scissor-manufacturer Wiss, a division of Cooper Hand Tools, has designed a pair especially for heavy-duty use-Shop Shear. The lightweight 10-in. shear is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. The high-leverage comfort hand grips can be used by either left- or right-handed employees. The shears feature a notch for easy rope/twine cutting, a serrated lower blade that grips materials to ensure even cutting, and blades that are corrosion-resistant. The straight blade can be easily re-sharpened; the company suggests the serrated blade be professionally sharpened. The shears can cut cardboard, industrial fabrics, rubber, screen, leather, and more.


Mount and press

Once graphics are printed, they often need to be mounted onto a rigid substrate for hanging or presentation. The McDonald Heat/Air-pressure Canvas Press, from Tara Materials, is an industrial-strength pneumatic press with heat specifically designed for mounting photos to canvas (it can dry-mount images as well). Compared to clamshell dry-mount presses, the company reports, this is a larger commercial press with more control of pressure and temperature; in addition, it can apply more pressure because it is pneumatic.