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The Six Golden Impression Rules

(January 2011) posted on Tue Jan 11, 2011

Importance of keeping print-company vehicle graphics looking fresh.

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By Jared Smith

I’m blown away when I see a vehicle from a graphic provider’s shop that leaves a bad impression. I liken it to an overweight physical trainer or a dentist with bad teeth. There is really no excuse for not putting your best foot forward on your own shop vehicles. Now, I’m not suggesting that you must buy a fleet of Mercedes Sprinters and do full wraps with reflective elements and expensive wheels to make a good impression. I am, however, suggesting that, as the ambassadors of this unique medium, we must never break the six golden rules that follow.

Rules one, two, three
Rule number 1: Good repair – You are in the vehicle business, so make sure your vehicle is in good repair. In addition to the obvious safety concerns with vehicles out of good repair, I’m also talking about image concerns. Broken tail lights, crooked license plates, and cracked windshields are a few examples of the image problems that you just can’t have. Make sure your trucks aren’t spewing smoke or screeching with loud brakes. Cover the basics so they don’t need a jump start while leaving a customer’s place of business. Bald mismatched tires and bumpers falling off will not help customers flock to you. It doesn’t have to be a 2011 vehicle, but it does need to be properly maintained. Run a tight vehicle maintenance program and keep those vehicles running well. Your clients are watching.

Rule 2: Shine –Windex and Armor All are cheap – use them. Take pride in your work and teach discipline in the shop. Filthy windshields, caked-on mud, and water spots on the chrome are issues that are cheap and easily solved. UPS washes every truck, every day. We should be able to handle the one or two vehicles in our fleet. Find a way to make sure your vehicles are extra clean before they head out to represent your brand.