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The Six Golden Impression Rules

(January 2011) posted on Tue Jan 11, 2011

Importance of keeping print-company vehicle graphics looking fresh.

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By Jared Smith

Rule 3: Graphics are in great condition –This issue is probably my biggest pet peeve. You flat out cannot have graphics on your vehicles that show even the slightest evidence of wear or other issues. They must be straight, wrinkle-free, bubble-free with no peeling or fading. You should have the means to fix this immediately. Walk around the vehicles and inspect for these issues. I know it seems obvious, but when was the last time you actually looked for issues on your fleet graphics? As a showpiece, the workmanship and condition of the materials should be perfect. Yes, perfect.

Rules four, five, six
Rule 4: Stunning design – I’m fully aware that not all shops that are great at printing and installing vehicle wraps also have an in-house design team. But I would remind those shops that this is no excuse for amateur-looking designs on your own vehicles. Spend a lot of time and thought on exactly what your vehicle graphics should look like and, if you need help, hire a pro. This is extremely important. You are going to be driving this vehicle for years to come, and each and every day a new potential client will glance at this design and judge you, right there on the spot. The number-one thing you will be judged on is that design, so it better be good. Look at your vehicles today from an outsider’s viewpoint. Is the design amazing? If not, schedule time to redo it now.