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The Six Golden Impression Rules

(January 2011) posted on Tue Jan 11, 2011

Importance of keeping print-company vehicle graphics looking fresh.

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By Jared Smith

Rule 5: Current design – Okay, so we recognize that the vinyl can’t be old and the design must be creative and effective. But many shops overlook the fact that potential customers may be bored of the look of your vehicle graphics. When was the last time you rewrapped your vehicles just to update the messaging? Do you have new photos of your work you could be featuring? Do you have any new sponsorships or certifications you could leverage with a new design? Is the data -- such as your logo, tagline, website, and phone number – 100-percent accurate? At bluemedia, we look for reasons to redo the fleet. As I write this, we are doing our first 100-percent “non-printed” design for our entire fleet featuring the new 3M 1080 matte black and cut vinyl films. Because the material is new, the look is new – and new is good. Think of the roadway as your tradeshow. Don’t feature old products at the tradeshow.

Rule 6: Picture-perfect driver – You don’t have to hire models for delivery drivers, but those drivers should still represent your image very well. For many customers, this individual will be the only person they ever meet from your company. Can you get them some nice work shirts? Can they be ironed? Perhaps a nice ball cap with company logo. Are thrashed and dirty tennis shoes allowed? Really? They’re not only representing your brand when they are loading or unloading, they are representing your brand to thousands of people when they drive and how they drive. Have you ever been cut off by FedEx? Probably not. I would assume that is because there is a training program wherein FedEx expresses to their drivers how important courteous drivers are to their brand and their image. We should all take cues from FedEx. We are servants to the public at large. We don’t need to just obey the speed limits – when driving our branded vehicles we need to let people in, we need to look for children, we need to signal early and slow down. We need to flash the lights and let semi-trucks over when we see them signaling. We need to be the concierge of the roadway. It speaks volumes about your company, your training, your hiring process, and your upbringing when you drive in a courteous manner. Use the way your vehicles are driven as a marketing tool that just adds one more attractive attribute about your company.

Making the right impression
If you can check off the above list today without any issues, congratulations. I know it’s a lot of work. But it’s worth it. It does matter and it is the right thing to do. There are few better feelings for me than to see one of our company vehicles heading down the street all shined up and ready to work. This is an image game and you’re representing that you can make a customer’s vehicle look good, so it’s vital your own vehicles also look good. Your customers will notice anything you do exceptionally poor or exceptionally well, and so will your competitors. So change the oil, check the tires, spruce up the graphics, and get out there and make the right impressions.