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The Training Track

(September 2012) posted on Thu Aug 30, 2012

Hit the classroom – real or virtual – to learn new skills and refine existing practices.

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Sign Biz, Inc. ( offers personalized sign-technologies training, comprising two weeks of home instructions, 48 hours of formalized training at the Sign Biz Technical Training Center in Dana Point, California, and 32 hours of on-the-job training at Sign Biz store locations. Aspects covered include marketing, design, EDS, sign technologies, products, sign codes, and more, all documented in more than 20 proprietary manuals. A Certificate of Sign Arts is awarded upon completion of Advanced Sign Studies. Following graduation, additional equipment set-up and training takes place on-site at the new shop. Each week, webinars, seminars, and video education are delivered under the Sign Biz ELATEd umbrella (e-Learning Alliance for Training and Education). Sign Biz also provides a Signhugger e-newsletter for end-users of the store, providing tips and education materials each month. Sign Biz hosts annual three-day international conventions each year featuring 22 to 30 educational components.

The Signage Foundation’s ( 2012 National Signage Research and Education Conference will take place October 10-11 in Cincinnati. This year’s theme is “The Technology of Signage,” and presentations will include: “The Economic Value of Signs,” “The Culture Value of Signage,” and others. Sponsored by the Signage Foundation in collaboration with the UC Colleges of Business and Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP), the conference offers two days of presentations, studio projects, and breakout sessions. Several segments of this year’s conference take place at the new American Sign Museum.

The Xplor Conference from Xplor International (, aimed at electronic-document professionals, takes place April 16-18, 2013. The 2012 event featured 70 educational sessions, daily networking events, keynote/general sessions, vendor forums, and more. Xplor also offers instructional classes, webinars, online conferences, social-networking opportunities, podcasts, virtual vendor, and user technology forums, plus an industry certification program, all primarily geared toward document production.

Other educational resources
Colleges and universities across the country provide course and degree offerings for print and graphics, and some offer one-time seminars and even online opportunities. What follows is just a sampling.