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The Training Track

(September 2012) posted on Thu Aug 30, 2012

Hit the classroom – real or virtual – to learn new skills and refine existing practices.

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Waukesha County Technical College (, based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, offers certificates in Commercial Printing, Digital Production/DTP, Digital Photography, and other topics. It also offers non-credit courses in photo imaging, photography, welding, and more.
Post-Buy Printer Training
You finally purchased the new printer you’ve been after. Now what? All the innovative ideas and best intentions in the world won’t help you if you don’t know how to correctly and efficiently use the new machine. Fortunately, however, many printer manufacturers and their suppliers/distributors include on-site training and additional educational materials in the printer purchase price. We asked several of these companies to share details of the training programs they make available to customers:

Agfa: Standard operator training included with Agfa wide-format Jeti and Anapurna printers includes: platform configuration and RIP install; RIP configuration and setup; engine integration and verification; density tuning; RIP instruction; creating media profile (primary media); user observation and feedback; and question and answer/wrap-up. In addition, Agfa offers an array of optional training services, including: custom media profiling (providing customers with the services needed to profile various media types they wish to output to on the printer); color-profiling instruction (creating custom profiles); and advanced RIP instruction.

Durst Image Technology US: Durst provides the services of a workflow and color-management specialist for integrating the customer’s new Rho platform into their print operations, as well as technical and regular maintenance training to maximize uptime/run time of the equipment. All training is customized to best match the customer’s operations and fit their needs. Durst provides the following training to customers as part of equipment purchases: assistance in integrating the printer into the customer's workflow; optimized training for the customer's specific needs; printer operator and general maintenance training; Caldera Grand RIP training; and color-management training. In addition, each Durst Rho owner has access to membership in the online Durst Rho Community; customers are able to interact with Durst’s Rho experts and other Rho owners/users, and benefit from all the available shared information.