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Thinking Fresh for 2010

(February 2010) posted on Thu Mar 11, 2010

Thinking Fresh for 2010

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By Marty McGhie

Four, change your approach to safety: Some of you may already have an excellent safety program in place. If you do, and it’s functioning effectively to reduce safety issues on a regular basis, feel free to replace this one on the “to do” list with a company party. If not, make a concerted effort to organize a safety committee and begin to improve the safety programs in your business. This can be done without great cost to your company, but will undoubtedly reap significant rewards. We are all only one serious accident away from changing our lives forever, or even losing our business. A functioning safety program can be a huge step in avoiding that.

Five, provide service: Find an opportunity during the course of the year to volunteer you and your employees for some community service. All too often we become immersed in our own problems, particularly in light of the tough couple of years we’ve endured. What better way to bring your entire company closer together than to participate in some sort of community service? By the way, I’m not talking here about donating a billboard or a banner to a good cause—anyone can do that. Instead, find something that will allow all of your employees the opportunity to get out and participate in a local community where you can all feel like you are making a difference. 

Trust your team
Six, get green: Despite all the controversy surrounding global warming, green-washing, and so on, we can all agree that we do, in fact, operate in an industry that isn’t all that Earth-friendly. So figure out a way to improve >36 your company’s carbon footprint. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing or telling you to do. Just decide what you can do to end 2010 in a more environmentally friendly place than you started, and then do it.