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Three New Wide-Format Scanners From Vidar

(July 2004) posted on Tue Jul 27, 2004

Two Nova XP 36 and Atlas SP25 and P42

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Vidar has introduced three new wide-format
color scanners: the Atlas SP25, Atlas
P42, and the Nova XP 36. Both Atlas
scanners offer 48-bit color capture (16-bit
graytone capture); FireWire and USB
connectivity; support Windows and Mac
platforms; and can scan originals up to
0.6 in. thick (15 mm). In addition, both
scanners feature Vidar's Advanced
Power Management System, which
allows users to leave the scanner in low-power
mode and program it to power up
before arriving at work.

The Atlas SP25 offers a 25-in. scanning
width and a single trilinear color CCD.
It can scan up to 4 in./sec in graytone,
and 1.5 in./sec in 24-bit RGB. The Atlas SP
25 comes in a basic (800-dpi max. resolution) and plus model (2400-dpi max. resolution)
and is designed for use by photo
labs, graphic designers, and in-house
repro shops.

The Atlas P42 has a 42-in. scanning
width, utilizes a triple 4-linear CCD, and
offers its Automatic Thick Media Adjustment
Control. It comes in a basic (800-dpi
max. resolution) and plus model (2400-
dpi max. resolution). The Atlas P42 can
scan up to 5 or 10 in./sec in graytone
(basic/plus); and 1.5 or 3 in./sec in 24-bit
RGB (basic/plus); and is for repro houses
and quick-print shops.

The Nova XP 36, a 36-in. color and
monochrome scanner, includes Vidar's
new Accuracy Lens Enhancement Technology,
FireWire connectivity, and
smoother handling of large originals with
its All-Wheel Drive. It can capture 40-bit
color for photorealistic images and has
built-in basic color calibration.
Tekgraf is the exclusive distributor for
Vidar scanners in the US. (Vidar:; Tekgraf: