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Tips For Handling First-Time Vehicle Wrap Buyers

(January 2009) posted on Thu Jan 08, 2009

Basic questions and simple answers.

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By Jared Smith

Some clients ask a ton of questions, and others just want to know when you will be done. Whether new clients come prepared with questions or not, there are some answers you need to provide them with before you get down to work.

Basic questions, with answers
What follows are 10 basic questions, along with the answers that work well for us and our clients. Feel free to use these as guidelines for thinking about your own responses and perhaps preparing an informational handout for those clients of yours who are considering a vehicle wrap.

* How much does it cost to wrap a car? There are many factors that go into calculating the price of a vehicle wrap. The main three are the amount of time we spend on the design, the amount of material needed, and the amount of time the install will take us. Other factors that can affect the price are the client’s ability to deliver useable elements and print files for our design team, as well as a clean vehicle-on time and 'wax free.' The demands associated with adding any specialty materials, such as reflective vinyl, are also considered.

* How long does it take? Our clients typically see their first proof within one or two days of submission of the job. This requires all logos, photos, and text, as well as the design direction brief. Revisions requested by the client are also turned around in one or two days. Once final art is approved for content and color, we can schedule the install date; on that date we only need most vehicles for eight hours.

* How long will it last? We offer a warranty based on where the vehicle will reside. In desert climates, such as Las Vegas and Phoenix, the warranty is less than other areas.