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Tracking and Managing Your Jobs

(January 2008) posted on Fri Jan 11, 2008

A sourcelist of business and management software.

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By Clare Baker

The System, from CRC, is comprehensive business-management software, designed for use by virtually all segments of the graphic-arts industry. The software includes more than 100 modules and 5000 programs. Modules include: automatic data collection, estimating, image tracking, invoicing, job tracking, production scheduling, purchasing, shipping and receiving, and various Web-based modules that allow customers to view certain information from a company’s website. The software also features a new interactive menu screen for ease of use.

Cyrious Software

Cyrious Control, from Cyrious Software, is a Windows-based, customizable business-management system designed for sign, graphics, and printing industries. The software includes tools for estimating, customer management, pricing, sales management, exporting accounting data, invoicing, and customized data tracking. The upgraded version also includes tools such as simplified job costing; Cyrious Dashboards, which show real-time performance indicators; and integrated accounting.


Designed for printing and graphic arts companies, DiMS! is a business-management software that streamlines and automates a range of administrative and printing processes. The Web-enabled software offers the following features: end-to-end integration (including estimating, scheduling, purchasing, production, shipping, and accounting processes), one-time input of data, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, product-focused business templates, real-time data collection, and JDF compliancy.


PrintSmith, from EFI, is a print-shop management solution designed for small commercial-print shops as well as companies with on-demand and digital environments. The software allows users to create pricing systems, stock order reports, estimates, invoices, quote letters, and account statements. It also tracks account histories, estimate histories, account statements, job tickets, work-in-progress reports, and customer account information. PrintSmith offers a computer-based scheduling module, a paper calculator, an import-stock catalog, an update-prices feature, a pending-documents feature, and daily close-out reports. The software features optional software utilities and add-on modules including PrintSmith Multi-User; PrintSmith Site, an e-commerce solution which makes it easier for customers to order and receive estimates and transmit print jobs online; ReportWriter, which allows users to create custom reports; and a bar-code job tracker.

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