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Tracking and Managing Your Jobs

(January 2008) posted on Fri Jan 11, 2008

A sourcelist of business and management software.

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By Clare Baker

Designed for small to medium-sized printing companies, Enterprise is a flexible print-management system with an open architecture. The software is fully integrated and offers users complete access to their business through intuitive and easy-to-navigate modules. The modules include invoicing, purchasing, financials, inventory control, job costing, scheduling, finished goods inventory, and estimating/order entry. The company also offers Enterprise.Net, a Web-based solution that allows clients to place orders, track orders, view status of finished goods inventory, and see images of an order in PDF format.


InView, by HindSight, is a business-management system that centers around a contact manager featuring in-depth searching capabilities, Internet links, and multiple viewing modes. The software can also create, print, and store invoices, estimates, and job and budget reports. In addition, InView features accounting, scheduling, and correspondence functions. The software can also reunite and synchronize files used on separate computers.


TQT, from iSystems, is a business-management solution that utilizes a process-based approach. Created for custom-manufacturing companies, including those in the graphics arts, the software allows users to create a database of sales leads and customers, create job quotes, create production schedules, create and track job tickets, customize automatic alerts, and create invoices and accounting reports.


Workgroup 2007, from Meta Communications, is a business-management software suite designed for users in marketing, creative, publishing, prepress, and print environments. The suite consists of four modular programs: Job Manager 4.5, which enables users to create estimates and quotes, monitor job costs, generate on-demand reporting and invoices, and share information; Virtual Ticket 7.5, a JDF-compliant project- and workflow-management solution which allows users to create customizable electronic job tickets, track jobs, manage documents, and automate certain processes; Approval Manager 1.5, which allows users to manage, track, and schedule approval processes within and across creative and production environments; and Digital Storage Manager 2.5, a storage-management solution that features data-lifecycle management, automated file archive and retrieval, advanced file searching, and media management.

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