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Tracking the Hottest Trends in Image Capture

(March 2007) posted on Wed Mar 21, 2007

A look at the latest trends in image capture and where the technology is heading.

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By Jeff Dorgay

According to the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) and the New York-based NPD Group, nearly 50% of all digital cameras sold in 2006 (through September) were cameras of 6 Mpxl or more. Further, sales of 6- to 6.9-Mpxl cameras increased by more than 550% in 2006 versus 2005, while sales of cameras of 7 Mpxl or more increased by nearly 100% in 2006.

In conjunction with the sensors getting bigger, a welcome change is the increased real estate on the LCD screens at the back of the camera. If you’re like me and over 20 years old (much older in my case), you will really appreciate that most cameras now offer a 2.5-in. LCD and some have even gone to 3 in. The larger screen makes it a lot easier to handle most cameras when viewing menus, and is also a huge help when reviewing pictures that have just been shot or when using the LCD screen for composing a shot.

While megapixels and LCD sizes are on the upswing, it seems that the camera bodies themselves are slimming down-in weight as well as size, evident even in the pro digital SLRs. This has its benefits, just in terms of being easier to carry about, but also has some drawbacks. For instance, as the camera bodies continue to shrink, the buttons keep shrinking as well-and my paws are just too big to comfortably operate some of these devices. My 12-year-old has no problem with this trend, but there are days when I miss my old fashioned Nikon F. Another downside is that the smaller something is, the easier it is to misplace.