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Traveling Asset Management's Bumpy Road

(August 2005) posted on Fri Aug 05, 2005

Developments in Tiger and Longhorn and other tools for managing assets.

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By Stephen Beals

For developers of DAM tools, this provides an interesting
challenge: how to extract the data Spotlight is already pulling
from files and make it useful to their systems. Xinet, for example,
just released a new version of its WebNative asset-management
system, which runs on OS X (as well as Windows). But
although Xinet is an Apple developer and has been privy to Tiger
since before its release, the company has had to develop its new
product for Panther while already working on a Tiger update.

For Microsoft DAM developers, the problem may be a bit more
complicated right now. Microsoft has said it will offer something
similar to Spotlight in the new version of its software (currently
code-named Longhorn), and is also said to be taking a proprietary
approach. Add to that the fact that most industry
observers believe the new release is more than a year away and
you can see why developers' hands are tied. They need to
develop products for today's existing operating systems while
trying to anticipate the tools and capabilities future operating
systems will put in their hands. Clearly, if you can put the engine
for digital-asset management directly into the operating system,
you can build much faster products.