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Two New Plug-ins from Imagenomic

(December 2006) posted on Mon Dec 18, 2006

Real Grain and Portraiture.

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Imagenomic has released two new tools that complement the company??"??"??s Noiseware portfolio: RealGrain Plug-in and Portraiture Plug-in.

RealGrain Plug-in is designed to accurately replicate the smooth, even look of grain found in conventional film. Key features include: automatic adjustment of grain size based on physical image dimensions; precision pre-sets for a range of default effect options and various stock color and black-and-white films; controls for grain balance, tonal range, and color fine-tuning. Price: $99.95.

Portraiture Plug-in is aimed at eliminating the time-consuming steps of selective masking and pixel-by-pixel treatments required in digital portrait retouching. The tool features intelligent smoothing and blemish removal, an auto-mask feature that recognizes optimal skin tones, precision controls for fine-tuning, and more. Price: $169.95.