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Ubiquitous UV

(February 2012) posted on Wed Feb 08, 2012

A tidal wave of UV tech has made its mark on the market.

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Lawson Screen & Digital
Lawson’s Express-Jet/ASI is an industrial direct-to-substrate printer that uses UV LED curing and is engineered to handle ad-specialty applications. It offers 5 colors (CMYK + w) and resolutions up to 1200 dpi. Standard maximum print size is 18 x 18 in., but the XL Print Option allows for 20 x 30 in.

The 5-m (196-in.) UV-curable Barak5 is a roll-to-roll printer with a flatbed option. It can image up to three rolls of 63-in. media simultaneously, and print onto coated and uncoated media as well as rigid media as thick as 1 in. The Barak5 features a top speed of 3800 sq ft/hr and a true resolution of 600 dpi. Its Barak UV 300 pigmented inks are high-density and flexible with large color gamut. The Barak5 is armed with a Caldera RIP. The printer is compatible with roll and rigid media including flexface, mesh, blueback paper, backlit, self-adhesive vinyl, Tyvek, foam PVC, acrylic, aluminum, and foamboard.

Matan also offers the 3-m (118-in.) Barak 3 and the Barak IQ UV printers.

Mimaki USA
Mimaki USA’s JFX plus series of LED UV-cure printers includes the JFX-1631 plus and JFX-1615 plus. The machines feature a post-cure unit, and as a result, reports Mimaki, now offer a top speed of 254 sq ft/hr at 300 x 600 dpi (140 sq ft/hr at 600 dpi in Standard mode). Both machines feature a top resolution of 1200 dpi. The 1631 plus can handle media up to 65 x 126 in., while the 1615 plus can handle media up to 65 x 63 in.; both accommodate media up to 1.97-in. thick. Two inksets are available: Rigid (CMYK+ w + clear) and Flexible (CMYK + w). A RasterLink Pro5 RIP is standard; a roll unit is optional for continuous roll-media feeding.

The UJF-706 flatbed can accommodate media up to 28-in. wide and nearly 6-in. thick. Capable of 1200-dpi resolutions, the machine is available with two inkset configurations: Rigid (CMYKcm + w + clear) and Flexible (CMYKcm + w).

Other Mimaki UV machines include the UV-160 series and the UJF-706 printer series.