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Unusual-Shaped, Portable Camera 'Tri-Pods'

(May 2006) posted on Fri May 26, 2006

Set up your camera using Gorillapod or Monsterpod

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Joby"?s Gorillapod
is a three-armed flexible unit made
of a thermoplastic alloy, designed to
secure a compact digital camera to just
about any surface. It features ring and
foot grips for extra gripping power, a
lock ring for secure attachment to the
camera, and a slim-line attachment for
quick setup (with universal interface).
Joints can be bent and rotated 360"?.
Maximum weight: 12.5 oz. Gorillapod
size: 5.9 x 1.2 x 1.2 in. Price: $24.95.
Larger sizes will be released in the
future, including one for professional
SLRs, reports Joby.

Consisting of a viscoelastic polymer
base, a neoprene outer membrane,
and an internal semi-ridged metal and
plastic base, the MonsterPod (can be molded to a
variety of shapes and provide the user
with a temporary mount on nearly any
surface. Measuring approximately 2 x
4 in. and weighing in at 6 oz, the MonsterPod
can hold a camera weighing
10 oz or less for as long as 10 min,
depending upon the angle and type of
surface; it also works in extreme temperatures.
The universal interface
allows it to mount to any camera base.
Price: $29.95.