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Upgrades to Durst Rho Support P-O-P Graphics Production

(July 2003) posted on Tue Jul 29, 2003

Automated spot-color matching and support for digital die-cutting

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Other new features make it easier and faster to produce glossy or matte-finished graphics, digitally die-cut display graphics with many of the spot-colors used by buyers of P-O-P display graphics. These features will also be showcased when Durst Dice America demonstrates the Rho 160 at the Graph Expo Show in Chicago, IL from Sept. 28-Oct. 1 and the SGIA/DPI show in Atlanta, GA from Oct, 15-18.

Integrated color-management system with automatic spot-color conversion: To make it faster and easier to accurately reproduce specified spot colors, Durst's software now includes ICC profiles to automatically convert colors from client-supplied PostScript, EPS, PDF, TIFF, TIFF/LZW, BMP and JPEG files. The software also makes it possible to generate and save additional profiles as needed for use with various types of media. The RIP eliminates the "spray and pray" method of matching the spot colors commonly used in P-O-P promotions for branded products by independently and automatically converting Pantone?-specified spot colors to the closest possible match within the gamut of the ink-and-media combination used for the job.

Software module for MGE cutting systems: Many producers of P-O-P graphics are using digital printing devices in conjunction with the i-cut? digital die-cutting systems from Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering (MGE). Now, any job printed on either the Durst Rho 160 or Durst Lambda photo imager can be automatically cut with the MGE i-cut system because the software that drives the Rho and Lambda can automatically print registration marks and die lines. This eliminates the time-consuming extra step involved in manually generating cutting information. When used in conjunction with MGE's new automated material-handling system, production runs of one to 1000 graphics on rolls, sheets, or foamboards can be handled with limited operator intervention.

Switch between glossy and matte finishes: Durst's new software also includes a feature that enables users to switch print modes to achieve either a glossy or matte finish. The glare-reducing matte print mode should be used for graphics that will be displayed under bright lights. The glossy print mode boosts the vibrancy of the colors and provides greater density (Dmax) for graphics that will be backlit.

At its two factories in Brixen, Italy and Lienz, Austria, Durst makes digital products for the photographic, graphic and prepress markets. In addition to the Rho 160, Durst makes Lambda medium- and large-format digital photo printers, the Theta 50 high-speed Lambda lab, the Sigma high-performance 4- x 5-in. film scanner, the Epsilon 30 LED photo printer, the Preparation Station to control and monitor one or multiple devices from one workstation, and the Durst Autocutter 32/62 XY automatic print finisher. Durst Dice America, based in Rochester, NY, is a manufacturer, marketer and service provider of digital imaging equipment. In addition to Durst products, they offer DDA Zeta high-speed, high-volume laser photo printer and the DDA Cheetah RIP server. (Durst Dice America: 585-486-0340;