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UV Universe

(May 2009) posted on Tue May 19, 2009

Surveying your UV machine options.

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A white-ink option is available as is a roll-media option; with the latter, users can print onto flexible media up to 87-in. wide. An Onyx ProductionHouse RIP, Océ Edition, is standard.

Gandinnovations Jeti 3348 UV Jetspeed RTR and Nanojet: Gandinnovations' ( 126-in. Jeti 3348 Jetspeed UV RTR is a UV-curable roll-to-roll printer featuring 48 80-pl Spectra printheads, which image a true 300-dpi resolution in 4-color.

The Jeti 3348 Jetspeed is capable of printing at speeds of 2500 sq ft/hr in 2-pass billboard-production mode at 300 dpi. It utilizes UV-curable Premium inks for a wide color gamut, and good adhesion and flexibility; the inks are compatible with a range of media, including polyester, PE, fabric, mesh, canvas, vinyl, plastic, film, and paper. Designed for 24/7 operation with a single operator, the Jestream includes specially designed media rolls for performing at fast speeds. Additionally, it features a take-up unit, high/low vacuum system, and the user's choice of Onyx, Wasatch, or Caldera RIP. Options include a backlit option that enables printing on both sides of the material with perfect registration.

Gandi's Jeti 1224 UV Nanojet is a 4 x 8-ft flatbed printer that images onto a variety of flexible and rigid materials up to 2-in. thick, such as reinforced vinyl, canvas, corrugated board, fabric, foam board, tile, drywall, lenticular, glass, sheet metal, and paper. Specifically designed to produce photorealistic output, the Nanojet features 24 Spectra SQ heads, which image a true 800-dpi resolution (1600-dpi apparent). The Nanojet prints graphics as fast as 220 sq ft/hr in Photo-Realistic mode.

The 6-color machine uses Gandinnovations UV-curable inks (CMYKcm), with 1- to 2-yr durability. Additionally, the Nanojet features a high/low vacuum system, retractable pins, and a linear-motion system to control flatbed-table movement and ensure correct registration. Also new is Gandi software, designed to improve fine-edge printing. Customers have a choice of RIPs: Onyx, Wasatch SoftRIP, or Caldera.

Matan Barak5: The 5-m (126-in.) UV-curable Barak5 from Matan ( is a roll-to-roll printer with a flatbed option. It can image up to three rolls of 63-in. media simultaneously, and print onto coated and uncoated media as thick as 1 in. Offering 2-yr durability, the Barak5 is compatible with roll and rigid media including flexface, mesh, blueback paper, backlit, self-adhesive vinyl, Tyvek, foam PVC, acrylic, aluminum, and foamboard.

Users can choose from a range of speeds and qualities, including Express speed and Supreme quality. The Barak5 features a top speed of 1830 sq ft/hr. Its 30-pl Ricoh E3 printheads offer true 600 dpi and apparent 1200-dpi resolutions. The Barak UV 300 pigmented inks are high-density and flexible with large color gamut. The company reports that the inks will provide coverage of up to 1940 sq ft/liter on average.

The Barak5 is armed with a Caldera RIP, which processes while printing to speed the workflow. The RIP also has tiling and nesting features. Similar to the company's 3-m Barak 3, the Barak 5 features a fast changeover from rollfed to flatbed. Additionally, the machine boasts a 5-min start-up time, an integrated mesh table, media tracking, and auto media measuring.

Mutoh Zephyr: Mutoh's ( Zephyr is a 64-in. rollfed UV printer and the company’s first to use the new Xaar 760 grayscale heads. The variable-droplet, 764-nozzle printheads allow for six levels of gray to be printed with drop volumes as low as 8 pl. Maximum resolution on the Zephyr is said to be 720 dpi (though Xaar indicates the heads are capable of resolutions as fine as 1440 dpi), with print speeds ranging from 160-645 sq ft/hr. The Zephyr is not yet offered in the US.