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(May 2009) posted on Tue May 19, 2009

Surveying your UV machine options.

Agfa Anapurna XLS, Anapurna Mv and M4f: The Anapurna XLS by Agfa Graphics ( is specifically designed to cope with heavy workloads while providing photographic quality at high-production speeds. The UV-curable machine can accommodate rigid material as well as rollfed up to 100-in. wide and thicknesses up to 45 mm (1.77 in.), while hitting speeds as fast as 44 sq m/hr (approximately 474 sq ft/hr). Applications include billboards, posters, P-O-P, fleet graphics, exhibit and stage graphics, and more.

The XLS, configured as 2 x 4 CMYK, is built around Agfa’s Universal PrintHead (UPH) technology, a piezo shared-wall printhead with resolutions ranging from 720 to 1440 dpi. Each head has 764 nozzles.

XLS features include: Flush brush: An automated maintenance system that removes debris and ink residue; accurate media transport: The transport system features a special clamping system to prevent media from slipping or moving, whether printing roll material or rigid; high ink autonomy: 5-liter cans per color plus an internal ink buffer system containing an additional 5 liters per color; external lamp chilling: An external chilling system keeps the temperature of the printer’s three UV lamps within range and manages the heat dissipation within the system; and a head-positioning device to keep the nozzle plate of all heads 100% parallel with the substrates at all times.

The Anapurna Mv and Anapurna M4f printers can accommodate a maximum media width of 62.2 in., produce a high-end resolution of 1440 dpi, and boast a print speed of 14 sq m/hr [approximately 151 sq ft/hr]. Both the Mv and M4f printers also use 14-picoliter Konica-Minolta printheads as well as Agfa-made UV-curable Anapurna inks. The flatbed/rollfed Mv is a 6-color printer (CMYKcm) that also adds two extra printheads dedicated to jetting varnish, providing the capability to add gloss effects to enhance the look and feel of a graphic. Varnish can be added in spot areas as well as overall varnish.

The M4f, CMYK-configured, is positioned as a rigid printer only, with roll-to-roll as an option.  

All three Anapurna machines feature an Agfa Edition Wasatch RIP. Borderless and dual-board printing are standard on all three machines.


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