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UV Update

(May 2011) posted on Tue May 10, 2011

More than 20 companies offering wide-format UV options.

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Just a few short years ago, say “UV” to a wide-format print provider and he was much more likely to begin talking about the effect of UV light on his shop’s output than he was utilizing that technology to produce his prints. Although UV inks were being utilized in the commercial sector, they were just entering our market.

Today, of course, that’s all changed. In fact, in our most recent Printer Sourcebook, UV printers now account for nearly 95% of all flatbed models. That’s no surprise, given UV and flatbed technologies go hand in hand. But UV also has made headway into the rollfed category, now accounting for more than 20% of all models we had listed in the Sourcebook. Across all types of printers (flatbed, rollfed, and hybrids), UV printers now make up 40% of all current printer models, according to our Sourcebook figures.

When it comes to producing wide-format graphics, UV offers a range of advantages, including the ability to print on a broad range of substrates/media, few environmental issues, and increased durability of the final output. And, importantly, UV printers are now available in varying price points as well as constructions.

In this report, we highlight some of the most recent additions in the wide-format UV marketplace, and we have listed these machines by company. We’ve also strived to list additional UV printers on each company’s roster, when the information was available. Keep in mind that this article was produced prior to ISA 2011, so models introduced at that event are probably not included here (but look for our recap of that show in an upcoming issue and watch for new products in our R&D department each month). Visit the manufacturers’ websites for a complete listing of their UV printers, and for more information.