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UV Update

(May 2011) posted on Tue May 10, 2011

More than 20 companies offering wide-format UV options.

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Agfa Graphics
The Jeti 3020 Titan flatbed from Agfa is a high-production machine designed and constructed using a modular format so that, as users’ demands increase, the printer's color and speed capabilities can be extended. The Titan's entry-level version incorporates 16 Ricoh Gen 4 grayscale printheads resulting in CMYK output at a native resolution of 600 dpi, able to deliver 1200 dpi for photorealistic image quality. The machine has a maximum print area of 124 x 79.5 in. and prints up to 1216 sq ft/hr in high-speed mode (370 sq ft/hr in quality mode). It can be configured, however, with up to 48 grayscale heads (boosting the maximum print speed to 2432 sq ft/hr in high-speed mode, 740 in quality mode); in addition, the standard CMYK configuration can be extended adding light cyan and light magenta for better image rendering; double white; white and clear varnish; or orange and green to extend the color gamut. The Titan can accommodate flexible and rigid materials up to 2-in. thick.

Also available is the flatbed/roll-to-roll Anapurna M 2050, a UV-curable machine that combines the white-ink capabilities of the Anapurna Mw with the additional speed of the Anapurna M2. It also adds Agfa’s M-series G2 inks, which are designed for applications on the latest rigid and roll materials that require more flexibility. The 6-color (CMYKcm)+white machine features eight printheads (12-pl; 8192 nozzles) and the ability to output in both uni- and bi-directional modes; it can accommodate graphics up to 79 x 118 in. and 1.77-in. thick. Typical throughput speeds in four-pass bi-directional mode is approximately 258 sq ft/hr , optimized for poster and banner production, Agfa reports. It can achieve a top resolution of 720 x 1440 dpi. White is printed in-line, so pre- or post-white is carried out in the same printing pass. Other features include: flexible-media handling capability; a four-zone vacuum table enabling it to handle a wide range of substrates varying in size and thickness; registration and anti-static bars; and shuttle safety sensors.

Other Agfa UV machines in the Anapurna line include: the Anapurna M, M4F, Mv, and M2; the Anapurna 2500 LED, and Anapurna M1600. In the Jeti line, additional UV machines include: the Jeti 5048 UV JetSpeed XL RTR, Jeti 3348 UV Galaxy RTR, and Jeti 3348 UV JetSpeed RTR.