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UV Update

(May 2011) posted on Tue May 10, 2011

More than 20 companies offering wide-format UV options.

Two types of ink are available to users—FlexLED for rigid materials and HardLED for flexible media. FlexLED, reports Screen, can be stretched by up to 200%, as well as cast or bent, and performs on white media, including substrates employed for packaging, P-O-P displays, and life-size panels. HardLED is particularly suited for aluminum panels and decorative illuminated film. A Truepress Jet 1600UV RIP is standard.

In 2010, Screen introduced two new options for its Truepress Jet2500UV printer: a multi-layer option and a corrugated option. The new multiple-layer function allows the Jet2500UV to print up to seven image layers without feeding the media a second time. The new corrugated cardboard guide option is a secure substrate-fixing system enabling reliable transport of media, making it possible to print directly onto hard-to-handle substrates.

Signs International Distributor
The SID UV 200S is a 6-color (CMYKcm) printer that offers 24 Spectra printheads (128 nozzles) and an 81-in. print width. Top speed is 419 sq ft/hr in Draft mode (300 x 600 dpi, three passes), while High Quality mode is 204 sq ft/hr (600 x 600 dpi, six passes); top resolution is 800 dpi. The SID UV 200S can accommodate media up to 1.18-in. thick. Onyx software is standard.

Also available is the SID UV 165P printer.

The Impala hybrid UV printer uses an 8-color inkset (CMYKcmk + W) + varnish, supports drop sizes from 12 to 42 pl, offers visual resolution up to 1200 dpi, and print speeds up to 1442 sq ft/hr in Draft Flatbed mode (high-print quality is 387-720 sq ft/hr at 720 and 360 dpi). Maximum print area is 5 x 8 ft. A Caldera RIP is standard.

Last year, the company introduced several new print modes for its Oryx UV flatbed printers, increasing the maximum print speed up to 828 sq ft/hr in Draft mode. Polytype America Corp (, see listing) is the exclusive distributor for the SwissQPrint printer line.

Teckwin International
Teckwin’s TeckPro UV3200 is a roll-to-roll printer that features a maximum print width of 130 in., resolutions up to 800 dpi, and a top speed of 990 sq ft/hr in High Speed mode (484 sq ft/hr in Production mode). The 6-color printer (CMYKcm) allows for simultaneous printing on multiple rolls and offers a double-sided backlit printing option.

Also available is the TeckPro UV5000 (197-in. width), the TeckStorm TS series (flatbeds with roll options), the TeckStorm Q series, and the TeckSmart UV1600/UV2500 printers.


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