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Version 3.0 of Dalim's Dialogue Soft-Proofing Solution

(February 2005) posted on Wed Feb 02, 2005

Additions include a job approval feature.

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DALiM Software's Dalim DiALOGUE version
3.0 soft-proofing solution runs on Mac OS
X, as well as all other operating systems,
and is designed as a standalone product
compatible with a range of automated
workflows. It integrates data-streaming
technology with standard Web browsers,
enabling users to view high-resolution job
files in real time without the need for
client software or browser plug-ins.

In version 3.0, users can view; zoom
in/out; navigate; place annotations; draw
to highlight areas; take densitometer
readings; check production parameters;
and chat in real time. Version 3.0 also has
a new job-approval feature. When it's
enabled, users view a set of icons that
accompany a document icon, informing
them of each document's current
approval status, as well as document history
and user comments if requested.
Once the document has been given the
go-ahead, an "Approved" icon appears,
informing the printer that the production
process can continue. Further actions
users can initiate include copying or moving
files to another file folder or renaming
files while copying them.

Project participants can subscribe to
an e-mail list within Dalim Dialogue and
be immediately notified of job changes,
such as new document versions in need
of review, additional comments, or a
change in approval status. (Dalim Software: