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Very Superstitious

(September 2011) posted on Wed Sep 07, 2011

Problems with letting superstitions into the workplace.

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By Craig Miller

For instance, in the late 1990s we had two very talented and experienced installers on the payroll. I made them a proposal: “Instead of installing vehicle graphics vertically, why don’t we install them horizontally. If we use 60-inch vinyl, we can do the side of almost every vehicle in two panels. Plus, we can hide the one overlap seam in a natural crease or piece of trim. We can eliminate those vertical welts caused by the overlapping panels because this way there will be no noticeable overlaps. When we do a car, there are all kinds of places we can hide the seam. I have never seen what appears to be a seamless vehicle wrap. The graphics will look like they are painted on and, to my knowledge, no one else is doing it. This will give us an advantage over our competition.”

Our two world-class installers, with a combined 25 years of experience, were adamant in their professional opinion: It simply could not be done and if we tried it, it would be a disaster. Given the length of panels we would have to produce, they believed, we would ruin too many panels in printing and laminating. A 5 x 45-foot piece of sticky-back vinyl for a tour bus would be impossible to work with. It would take too much time, be too difficult to line up the long panels, and more panels would get destroyed during install.