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Vital Considerations

(February 2014) posted on Wed Feb 05, 2014

The importance of location and content in dynamic signage.

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By Beth Osborne

Once you determine traffic flow, the unit’s placement should be as close to average eye level as possible –55 to 60 inches from the floor (a craned neck is not the reaction you want). Think, too, about distance. How far is the screen from the person who is sixth or seventh in line? Obviously, the larger the screen, the larger the text can be and thus a customer standing some distance should still be able to see the content. But don’t mistake this as an opportunity to create a huge video wall – you’ll see a consistent return on screen size and recall only up to a certain size. A good rule of thumb: There’s typically no reason to go bigger than a 52-inch screen. After all, your customer and their diners don't want the feeling of being in the electronics department of a big box store.

When it comes to placement, you can choose myriad ways to mount screens, including wall, ceiling, and articulating mounts. Articulating mounts secure to the wall but have an adjustable arm to angle screens for a more optimal view. And don’t forget that screens can hang vertically as well as horizontally. This is not a “stick-a-TV-on-the-wall” venture; rather, it’s planning the experience for the customer from the moment he or she walks in the door. You should visit a site at its busiest time to ascertain exactly where to place screens. And keep in mind, they don't have to be all in a row; it's sometimes advantageous to have a screen at the store entry to highlight specials.

King content
One of the first questions I always ask customers in initial creative meetings is, “What do you want to sell?” Whether the customer wants to push a special of the day, up sell a dessert, promote a seasonal offer, or capture repeat business, there’s a way to manipulate the clientele – and it all ties back into content. And remember: You have about eight seconds to capture a person’s attention. How do you best use content to take advantage of those previous seconds?